Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alumetron Fights Aluminum Corrosion with a Chemical Bond

Aurora Marine’s newest product, ALUMETRON, is a unique direct to metal, clear, polymeric coating which bonds chemically to aluminum, protecting it against corrosion, chalking and staining from the environment, including water immersion and road salt. The ability to bond chemically as well as mechanically makes ALUMETRON an incomparable protective coating for aluminum.

This new formula uses water based technology which reduces VOC emissions making it a green product. It’s non flammable and non corrosive. There are no special handling, storage or shipping considerations to be concerned with is suitable for OEM as well as aftermarket use.

Aluminum is considered by scientists to be an anti-social metal because it rejects most coatings. Protection against corrosion usually consists of heat treating, anodizing in corrosive acid baths, special primers and paints and even then protection is limited. Aluminum is well suited to road trailer applications because it’s light, durable, flexible, inexpensive and attractive but has always suffered from susceptibility to corrosion. Now with ALUMETRON protection, it might just be the perfect metal.

Ask any pontoon boat owner what their aluminum pontoons look like after a summer in the water and most will tell you “like rusty steel drums”. Fishermen complain that their expensive aluminum towers and outriggers begin to get dull and pit from the salt water and air, even though they have been anodized. Salt water sailors maintain a constant vigil to insure that their aluminum masts and rigging are free from corrosion attack. Trailer owners watch in dismay as the once shiny aluminum on their hauler, that they were so proud of, turns to crusty white with pits or dark brown and splotchy. This new breakthrough invention from Aurora makes all this is a thing of the past. A single application of ALUMETRON can keep your precious aluminum looking shiny and new for 5 years or longer.

ALUMETRON is easy to apply. Simply wipe it on and let it dry. No primers or special pre-treatment is required. If your aluminum needs help, Aurora Marine can supply all the necessary products needed to clean and restore it to like new. A bright shiny aluminum trailer will give you greater enjoyment and fetch a much higher value at trade in time. Dealers will find it much easier to sell their trailers when they are bright and shiny.

If ever the coating is damaged from scratching or abrasion, No Problem! Simply wipe on a couple of coats to the effected area and it blends right in and continues the protection. Trailer dealers that sell ALUMETRON as a value added protection system can also sell a small bottle of product to the customer so they can do their own touch ups.

In addition to protecting aluminum from environmental attack and corrosion, ALUMETRON is also effective at protecting galvanized steel. Trailers made from aluminum or galvanized steel take a real beating from salt water or road salt in northern climates, but ALUMETRON will protect these trailers with a tough, clear, protective, coat.

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