Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aurora Products Safe to Use on Painted Surfaces

Rick Milner has submitted the following:

Aurora Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub, Premium Boat Shine & Sure Step, can these products safely be used on painted fiberglass hulls and decks?

Boat Clean Plus is safe to use on all surfaces and is an excellent cleaner for boat paints which are two part polyurethanes.

Boat Scrub should be used with care and only applied with a damp sponge or soft brush on textured surfaces. Boat Scrub can sometimes be used to remove stains or scuff marks that can not be removed by any other safe means. Care should be taken on new paint as it can scuff the surface if used too aggressively, but this can be the trade off necessary to remove a bad scuff mark.

Boat Scrub is recommended for cleaning non-skid deck surfaces prior to the application of Sure Step. In that case pre-wash the deck with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water and while still wet, pour on some Boat Scrub and continue scrubbing with a mild to medium bristled deck brush. Rinse clean and let dry prior to applying the protector.

Premium Boat Shine is synthetic and will not harm painted surfaces like wax will.

Sure Step is recommended for painted decks, both non-skid and smooth. In addition to protecting the surface from UV chalking, dirt and stains it adds a degree of safety because of the increased grip, especially when the decks are wet.

Another excellent product for painted boats; hulls and superstructure, is Kwik Shine. It is a combination cleaner, deoxidizer and protective polish, with exceptional shine. It will remove many stains, grime and dirt, bug splatter, bird droppings, light oxidation and salt deposits while leaving a beautiful protective shine. It’s a favorite amongst boat owners with painted hulls.

Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Protecting Black Hull from Sun Damage

Jim Wade has submitted the following:
I have a black hull and my boat will be exposed to the sun part of the day. What is the best product and preparation I can do to prevent my hull from fading or discoloring from exposure to the sun? I really would like to keep it looking good and shiny.

Black is especially tough to protect against fading from the sun. You have several options which can help. Clean the hull first with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub to make sure that the protective polishes bond to the gelcoat rather than to old wax or pollutants or dirt etc.

Option 1 is to apply 2 or 3 coats of Premium Boat Shine. This is our most durable polish and it contains the VS721 polymer for added durability. It has excellent UV protection which will outlast any other polish available but even so all UV protection systems will degrade and the dark color will absorb more radiation and degrade the UV protection more quickly. I would suggest reapplying a couple of coats of Premium Boat Shine every 90 days or so. If you can keep the boat in the shade or under a cover of some sort, two coats will last for a full year.

Option 2 is to apply 2 coats of Kwik Shine and then reapply it every 2 weeks or so. The advantage of this is that you are constantly renewing the UV protection. Also, since Kwik Shine is a spray and wipe cleaner / polish, it is fast and easy to apply. Many boaters that have trailered boats, especially if they boat in salt water, love Kwik Shine because they can spray the boat down after every use and quickly wipe off the salt and water spots and they get a brilliant shine which keeps their boat looking new. Kwik Shine also contains Salt Busters which ionize the salt and convert it into a polish.

Keeping black, red or dark blue boats covered or in the shade when not in use, is still the best protection for the boat. The best UV protection systems available only have a maximum life of about 6 months of constant UV radiation and this is shortened by the darker colors.

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Captain Aurora

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Restore a 30 Year Old Aluminum Boat


Joyce Dornan asked

I am looking for a miracle product to clean a 30 year old aluminum fishing boat. Could you please suggest one of your products to me.


We have several. You can use Algex to get the marine growth off the bottom of your boat. Alumabrite to deoxidize and restore the shiny appearance of the aluminum. Alumetron to put a protective clear coat on the aluminum that will keep it bright and shiny for up to 5 years. Boat Clean Plus to wash and clean the boat and prep it for Alumetron. And, VS721 to prevent the attachment of marine growth when you leave your boat in the water. All these products are easy to use and if you follow the instructions on the bottles, you will get guaranteed results.

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Captain Aurora